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enough about records. oh except this one night last month, chris and i dropped acid and we were watching the late show (rip off johnny carson) and paul revere and the raiders were on there, they were so fucking stupid! dancing around with moustaches, trying to act comical and goofy.
It really pissed us off and I asked chris
Do you have any paul revere & the raiders albums?
YeaH punctuation, I was stoned A lot when I was learning that stuff.
He said yeah, so I looked thru his Big collection and found the Revere Records and busted them. and he got mad, then he laughed and I searched thru the rest of the row and found Eages, Carpenters, Yes, Joni Mitchell, and I said with frustration, “What the fuck do you own these for?” and so throughout the rest of the night we busted about 250 shitty Chris Novoselic records. not only did we clear more space in the living room, chris declared that he feels cleansed and revitalized.”

hooRAY for the new Image Host! The setup is very nastalgic. Please don’t let me down. Image Shack

I finally went back and edited and FINISHED! the “Hail, tornadoes, desperados, gamma’s,” entry.


~ by Ashlee on August 10, 2004.

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