its meh birfday, its meh birfday,

I’m sitting here listening to kid rock in my “tu jorges” shirt with a blue lae, an eagle necklace, a toothpick stuck in my lip, and a stud bracelet with pretty little stars on it too. of course the ring on my left pinky finger and the green and blue and black bracelet that Geri made me this year, and the band that Beth gave mes. hehehe. I am a character to myself and for that i am happy and proud. and today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe. thank you EvErYoNe for the cards! I loooove rhyming cards lol. and sixty-five dollars wasn’t bad either O.O holy cow, you know? haha. that was sweet. today was sweet. i actually got to go to hot topic! ooo yay. super-duper yay even. i love that place. i suppose the day went like so:
i woke up at eight, went to sleep, got up at nine, called Katie’s house, was wandering about the house for awhile, got two new shirts, a new necklace too, some cards which rocked, Geri callededed hehe, and jan and ed made home-made ice cream. strawberry even. and then i went with mom to the yard sale. after we put streamers up on the porch. hehehe. and we came back, just in time, because Geri and her dad pulled up to give Geri to us for the day. hehehe. and we started to watch Master of Disguise. Hehe! of course Kris was there, yay! and we lit the candles aflame and i blew them out. in one stride even! yey! hehe. and there was tearing of the wrapping paper and things. then there was leaving to go to Springfield (Illinois) to go to Penny Lane!!! which was, of course, sweet. and we had a wicked tight time too. after wearing ourselves out there we went to eat some dinnah at *dotdotdot* steak house, which is where i had some trouble with my lip ring, but it was all good! hehehe. me gusta!!!! hehe! and then some employees had to embarrassingly enough come out and sing the happy birthday song. i would shoot myself first if i worked there. hehe! it resembled the “dredle, dredle, dredle,” song. haha. i smell like incense (penny lane). i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so then, being the day that it is, we went to the White Oaks Mall so that i could venture to Hot Topic for the first time. It was… FANTASTIC! I HEART HOT TOPIC!!!! haha. and of course, Geri and I ended up wandering up to the pet store, where I almost cried. As a matter of fact I think we both almost did. It was heart breaking. bad place. And then of course we found a tinny $3 photo booth that we scrunched into and effectively laughed our asses off in. The pictures turned out well. the thing that rocks the most about those is the imprompteuness of them. you don’t have a lot of time to think about what you want to do. you just have to do it. haha. they turn out nicely. hehe. that was a total blast. you will never convince me otherwise. haha. wee. and of course then came the trip home where we saw quite a few most beautiful things. we really did. haha. and we had a lot of fun as well. then of course there was the driving Geri home and helping her carry her stuffs in and getting to see Johnny Depp pictures! hehe! wee! and then coming home and finding that I HAVE MORE CARDS IN THE MAILBOX!!!!!! hahaha. saweeeeeeeeet!! yay!!!! haha. yay yay yay!!!!! I love cards that rhyme!!!!!! I am now 17!!!!!!
and I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by Ashlee on August 7, 2004.

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