its tomorrow..tomorrow..tomorrow..

tomorrow…in fourteen minutes less than an hour. … lalala…boy boy boylol. im just a little excited. hehe. my tummies all a tumbles.
my auntie nikki called me up today and asked me if I wanted to meet her brother. quote him, “You are gorgeous. And if someone isn’t telling you that, they should be.” aww. he’s awful sweet. I think he was intoxicated too. (Note, that my aunt was, but it’s okay. I like talking to her 🙂 hehehe. she rocks). There are some very sweet people in the world.
and some of them are in Brazil.
and some of them are in Griggsville.
and some of them are in louisiana.
whoosh. and I love my friends. and cheech!!!!! lol. he’s so cute. as soon as I find a new image host… I’ll put some pictures up here. anyway! hehe..
geez gerah. you and Aleya and everybody.. expending money on meh… yous all so niceness.. but I feel so rude.
you all so sweet too.

and a bracelet, and some shirts I found at a yard sale.. which I can definitely make some new stuff out of..
and a new lip ring!@! hehe.
jah.. Katie….. ring meh when you get homes. incase you don’t get the message first on your machine. all of them. little get together at our house at noon.. whenever that over and we stop laughing so hard, were headed to Penny Lane. hehehe.

twenty-two minutes less than an hour….. now its twenty three…hehehe.
lily’s granddaughter is AMAZING! she’s 12 and she can sign! according to lily that takes about 5 years to learn it all O.O
hi nell! hehe
angry entries Brooke and whoever that bitch is..
lalala…. twenty-five.. not much time there lol..hmm hmm hm… hehehehehehe. I am verah excited! hehe
I can’t wait to see everyone too. I miss you alls


~ by Ashlee on August 6, 2004.

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