Animals and phenominon I guess.

Well, whether or not you believe in ghosts… spirits… phenomenon………. I am dang sure that we all know animals senses are a thousand that of ours sometimes. I do believe in “ghosts… spirits… phenomenon.” Very much. I know we happen to have had one here before. My brother had an OEB once and he saw a boy sitting at the end of his bed watching him and looking very angry while he was laying there. Not asleep. Which is what I first thought of when he told me about it; “he was asleep, it was a dream.” He was awake. And then the boy saw his “floaty-body” lol, and attacked it! hahaha. He started throwing him around the room! There are a number of incidents of cold spots that happen in our house. Particularly, but not comforting to me in any way, in my room. lol. I don’t know jack about the history of our house lol, except that we’re the “best tenants in the past 20 years,” but I can tell you that it is STRANGE. hahaha. Animals and their heightened senses are amazing. When we first got Roxy and brought her inside, the first thing she did was dash down the basement stairs into my parents room. And then she dashed right back up them and stood there on the landing area barking her head off at the basement lol. The basement which was also my brother’s room when he had that incident with the angry kid lol. Roxy refuses to go down there now. Even if we have the gate open.
Another time(I talk a lot) I had just gotten out of the shower, and I had the rats out so that they could run around on the computer desk for the rest of the night. Now, you have to go through the bathroom to get to the computer room, that’s important to know. I think. Lol. I had walked out of the computer room and into the adjoining bathroom to find a brush and all five of them were finding something to get into that they weren’t supposed to lol. At this particular time my cat was in my room which is across the way from the bathroom door sleeping. I saw him there. And I shut the door temporarily lol. My rats are very people-sensitive, and they are petrified, literally, of ANY human being other than me(just because I’m the only one that they see every day who plays or interacts with them). As I walked into the room they were all still out and were sniffing the air waiting for me to bring them food lol. Then all the sudden all of them took off at the speed of light into the “rat-house” and wouldn’t come out for anything. Important to know, I was home alone. All of the lights were off in all the rooms except the bathroom and the computer room. All of the window blinds were closed(because my parents are very neurotic about that). I figured something probably just spooked them; their hearing is a load better than mine, that for sure. And I turned around to go back in the bathroom and the bathroom door was ajar. Nothing surprising. We didn’t have a door handle for it at the time(led to bad situations). And then I looked out through the door and into the dining room, and I saw, in the area that would have been behind the table and in front of the window, next to the bird-cage, a set of eyes. Just standing there looking at me. No body. Just two eyes. Almost only a glare of light look to them. Perhaps if someone had magically gotten a key to our house, walked in, and pushed that door open just a little, then went back and stood behind the dining room table lol, effectively freaked me out, and then left and locked the door behind them, it could have just been a person. But the odds of that are very low LOL and it makes me laugh to think that someone would do that. Not to mention they would have to be totally invisible other than their eyes, very very good at walking on squeaky wood floors, and they would have to be at least seven feet tall. what are the odds of that happening, I don’t know. lol. And I tell you, animals with all of their enhanced senses, really can have a sense of humor with them lol. Every time, and I mean EVERY time, that I am home alone and I forget to lock the danged doors (you’d think I would remember considering this place scares me to death), and I finally get up the GUTS to walk to them and lock them in the dark, dark house lol, then go check the basement for some crazy killer/stalker type, my cat catches on, and will even remove him self from a beauty rest to hide somewhere, wait for me, and attack me to scare the living DAYLIGHTS out of me. LoL! He’s so rotton it’s cute. Hahaha.
Nonetheless, I do believe that not every animal-going-silly story has to do with that. lol. If I can find a logical explanation that is. Once my mom and I (before she decided to hate me) took our dog Max to the riverfront with us because we were going to fish and swim. When we were about done, and getting ready to go home, we were packing things up and mom flung a fishing pole behind her. Well, I have to say that I have extremely bad luck with fishing hooks. They’ve got stuck in me since I was about seven lol. So this one flew back and hooked itself into my scalp. Of course a kid panics and cries when that happens. And as my mom was working it out of my skin, there was Max LUNGING at her from the end of his leash(thank goodness attached to a tree lol) growling and barking and going three kinds of crazy ready to rip her to pieces for “hurting” me lol. Another time my mom was taking our dog Candy for a walk at the river front. They were literally the only ones there. And mom had sat down to tie her shoe or something of the sort. I’m not trying to stereotype people in trench coats. lol. Goodness knows all of my friends wear them and they rock. But then she noticed a man in a trench coat was there too. When she got up and started walking again he started walking towards her and Candy. Of course, as my mom described him, he looked friendly and probably in his thirties, good-looking kind of guy. He said hi and waved as he was coming towards them. I may as well say now that I have NEVER had a pet in my entire life(except a bird lol) that had any history of being violent in any way. Ever. Not Max, or Candy, or Roxy, none of our cats, ferret, rats, guinea pigs, other birds, rabbit, hamsters, lol, just that one bird. And he was nuts. So it was something running along the side of absolutely bonkers when Candy stopped dead and began to bear her teeth at him. Then she started on barking and growling and going absolutely mad-dog on him. Of course anyone facing a 80 lb labrador that’s just wigged on you and looks ready to pull a “when dogs go bad” on your butt would smartly walk away. And he did lol. Very quickly from what I heard.

I should say that all the stories I’ve read and well, all of the ones that have ever been told in history have shown us that animals have such a heightened sense of people and their feelings and their intentions, and most importantly of danger and, if you believe in it, phenomenon. Nobody I’ve ever known can question that fact. They’re higher on that part of the ability chain than we seem to be. Doodle obviously sensed something. Natural, human, or phenominon-ol. lol. I too would be EXTREMELY interested to know if every time she’s acted this way, if it has been in that alley. I think you said that in the first post. But has she acted that way anywhere else, I guess is what I’m asking.
So really. I, being the chicken that I am, would steer clear of the alley when she gets into a funk like that. Who knows what she’s warning you of, but it’s obviously something she doesn’t like. Which means you probably wouldn’t like it either if it’s scaring her that bad. lol. So be careful for us!!!! Haha. Listen to Doodle.


~ by Ashlee on July 20, 2004.

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