needed insomnia entry

You bet I need insomnia. Wtf? Did I just say that? The one who hasn’t been to sleep yet? Its ten o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been to sleep. How ridiculous of me to say that. But no. I have to stay awake for an hour. Which normally wouldn’t seem so hard and I probably wouldn’t be whining about it, but somebody asked me to stay awake. And of course I have a choice but really I don’t. Ah. INsomnia just doesn’t come when you need it, does it? Haha. So… I’m here. Rambling. This the keep myself awake entry I guess. I’ve got to. For an hour. Geez. Maybe I should… no. Haha. NO. Maybe Ray should keep me awake for an hour. He’s not working. Of course, he’s not awake either. Hmm. I could make him be thrown into wakefulness for an hour like I am… but that would be so mean. All of this is like being caught in a moving stream of thought isn’t it? Cascading into nothingness surrounded by darkness and the only other thing that exists is my voice/keyboards voice telling you this. Hmm. I think this is my moving stream of thought entry as well. I’m not really thinking about what I’m typing. I mean I am, but I’m not planning it. And none of it is pre decided upon. I just came here to ramble damn it. Maybe I should share todays pictures with you. That would be fun. Oh yes. Oh yes it would. Haha. That will also take up time. I’ll do it then. I walked out of the house at five fifteen this morning and climbed on top of the van and stood on the porch and went through the neighbor’s yard to broadway and took pictures like mad in these places and even standing in the middle of the street. literally the middle too because it was the turn lane. yay. and then I came back and I laid down in the grass in the front yard and I had fun. then I did a lot of typing. then I talked to spork . and I know im supposed to go see a movie with Geri today but I don’t know if ill be awake or if I’ll be able to stay awake and I did see it yesterday and it was awesome because obviously anchorman has to be awesome. will Ferrel is in it and its great because he’s great isn’t that just great. okay. here we go


~ by Ashlee on July 15, 2004.

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