Silent “y”s in my depression

pop_tart64: super k-mart? not just k-mart, but super k-mart.
wankerkiller000: Yeah. Yep, super
pop_tart64: what do they do there?
wankerkiller000: Its a horrible store.
pop_tart64: ah. haha
wankerkiller000: They sell everything.. Everything
pop_tart64: super k-mart that sucks. hahaha
wankerkiller000: Yeah, it does, I went their to buy one fucking movie… Just one… That like every store has. I got up there at 1:30 in the morning.. I wanted Gladiator, they had like brand new movies and shit. But no, not the movie that every store in the united states carries, figures.
pop_tart64: o.0 how does that work… bad super k-mart. bad!
wankerkiller000: Very.


~ by Ashlee on July 14, 2004.

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