21 hour sleep

Me- youre the only person who talked to me while i was asleep who is still on
John- lol
Me- how ya doin
John- alright
Me- coooooooool
John- playin with baby right now
Me- hi riley!!!!! ^.^
John- he spit
John- must like you
Me- ahaha
John- 😛
Me- yay!
John- so how was your sleep
Me- lloonngg
John- not me..havent slept yet
John- got to go to doctor at 10
Me- like… i think… eleven thirty in the afternoon yesterday, until eight thirty this morning
John- wow
John- thats like 21 hours
Me- its the first time i sleepy this weekend. i guess i made up for lost time
John- your gettin like me. sleep when ya wana for however long ya wana
Me- i shouldnt have fallen sleepy though
John- why not
John- sleeping is good


~ by Ashlee on July 12, 2004.

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