“Did Jelly Bean come out with a Ronald Reagan flavor”

Little dogs bark like big dogs.
Little people bark like big people.
Yes Kre, I do read your diary?

I had no idea Geri’s phone had an automatic responder that whispered “### *******” (bleeped for her privacy. duh.) when you asked what her address was. It sounded a lot like Rocky, too.

Oh yeah. I was at her house. And we watched Edward Scissorhands. It was great stuff. I tell you. It was. And then we watched another movie… but I don’t remember what it was called. And the guy, he had his turtle neck all the way up over his nose. And it was great shit. Stuff. Sorry. I forgot I almost cared. And now I get to talk to Brandy. And you just know that I didn’t go to sleep last night. I meant to. It just didn’t work. so yeah.

Check out Modest Mouse some day. They were cool even before this album (good news for people who love bad news), but nobody payed any attention. I reccomend them both. But it would be bullshit if you didnt try out the one before it for size (the Moon and Antarctica).

I should work on this damned pillow I started during the school year. It needs some…… thing. Something….. sparkly. Or spiffi. Something special. hmm…
*stares at you*
*taps foot*
*draws circles with fingers*
I am open to suggestions.

So did jelly bean come out with a Reagan flavor? Something like “dead old man” or “rotting corpse.” Maybe they could make a funeral set. They could throw in some like “oakwood casket” or “pall berrer” or maybe some “earth worms” or “dead decaying flesh” eh? It all sounds very yummy to me. haha.


~ by Ashlee on July 10, 2004.

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