“Vertical Broomstick?”

Umm… umm… umm… *searching… searching* damnit.! Damn viruses have kept me off ALL week. I’m sorry. Well, the parade was fun, remind me to expand on that. Friday was fun, remind me to expand on that. Saturday was fun, remind me to expand on that. Remind me to expand on a few… a few things. Yes. Here’s where you can see the school orgy pictures, y0. Woo hoo. I don’t have the scanned ones on there yet. I’m working on it. It’s been quite a time. *searching searching searching* I had my next entry written down in a notebook… uhh, uhh, uhh…. uhh….. I can’t find it. NO! *tears* ppff. Hmm now its summer… or at least spring.. hmm.. isnt it? its very nice. I like summer/spring. i enjoy it. look at my fan, humming away like a busy busy bee. hehe. anyway… uh.. uhh… uhhh…. when I find it… I’ll come back and… uh…. let you know. uh…..Until then…

fas·cist (fash-ist) n. A reactionary or dictatorial person.101 Ways to Annoy a Fascist By The Deth Vegetable 91) Tell him your the Popes illegitimate son.92) Surround the White House with paid mercenaries and take it over.93) Own a Monarchy.94) Claim to be a Bloshevik-Socialist-leftwing-jew.95) Burn down the Reichstag.

Wow, were almost done with this list. Doode. Strangeful. I have a plan on how to finish up, since I have been going by 5’s and there is an odd number of ways…. but any suggestions are welcome.


~ by Ashlee on May 9, 2004.

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