And it’s sunday

Would you look at this, Ashlee has a journal. Wow. Well, Spork had one, and it seemed interesting, so I decided I’d give it a try. Hers is very interesting, but you’re probably locked out.

Lets pull out all the stops now, shall we? We don’t want anybody to trip. Pan amputee, or would you prefer coffee? The peanut butter apples I just had were not-so-satisfying. The apples are gone, I’ll just eat the peanut butter.  don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep this up. I am little sister, and I will fight to the less-than-bitter end. Why? I don’t know.

Men are like pumpkins; all the cute one’s are taken, and the rest… have had their heads scraped out with a spoon.

Pop Tart: A dairy?
Me: si.
Pop Tart: Do tell.
Me: I think it might be fun.
Pop Tart: You know I’m going to make you ask yourself why to every action you chose now, don’t you?
Me: Yes. I spent the last few minutes preparing.
Pop Tart: Hahaha!!
Me: ^.^
Pop Tart: So why?
Me: I dunno. I was inspired to.
Pop Tart: Why “Little Sister”, little sister?
Me: Why does one poptart think?
Pop Tart: It could be because you always say you somehow automatically become everybody’s little sister…
Me: Or I could just be stark raving mad.
Pop Tart: You very well could be.

Why is it Sunday? no idea. last nights concert rocked.
White Picket Fence, Speedholes, Social Conflict, O Death My Child, Endsmet. It was so wicked.

….mom said “we’re going to take a walk with Brenda.” I don’t know why I said “Okay.” Apparantly some level of me agreed, or was too exhausted to disagree. Mother dredged me out of a deep sleep at seven o’clock this morning so I could go to church with her. I despise when she treats it as if it’s not optional. I was too tired to explain to her that I didn’t reach my humble sleeping quarters until three-thirty this morning, and that I was not about to wake up and go anywhere with her.

There’s Spork. Awesome.
Spork (put your punch line here): ello
Me {well that rocked}:ello
Spork (put your punch line here):hows stuff?
Me {well that rocked}:w00t
Spork (put your punch line here):eh?
Me {well that rocked}:si
Me {well that rocked}:trying out something new
Spork (put your punch line here):ah
Me {well that rocked}:lala.
Me {well that rocked}:its a bit fun
Me {well that rocked}:and a bit confusing
Me {well that rocked}:interesting
Spork (put your punch line here):dood, i just woke up
Me {well that rocked}:the new thing.
Me {well that rocked}:good morning.
Spork (put your punch line here):although it’s like 4:30….. so i think i lost my morning

I love my friends. And I don’t know why. They’re all so cool. I’m not going to finish this paragraph, or it will be about three miles long. I’ll save it for another time.

Forgive the uncool-ness of this site. I’ve just started. I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t even know if this part will work. This is long.

Well, *raises machete* here’s to trying…


~ by Ashlee on March 14, 2004.

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